Hypnosis is a technique used to achieve a relaxing and enjoyable experience; it is a natural and efficient waking state of mind in which our body and conscious mind become relaxed and the mind becomes more aware and focused.

Hypnosis is the same relaxed state of mind we enter daily when our brain- wave activity slows down to a frequency called alpha. We enter this state just before going to sleep and upon awakening, as well as in periods of meditation, daydreaming and similar states of mind.

While in the alpha state, our creativity is enhanced as well as memory and the ability to imagine; our concentration efficiency is nearly perfect at a minimum of 95%. The subconscious becomes more accessible creating the possibility of change.  In this state your subconscious opens, increasing the ability to respond and/or to accept positive suggestions and imagery.

Although the word “hypnosis” is derived from the Greek word Hypnos, meaning “sleep”, a person in hypnosis is not in a state of sleep but in a state of enhanced awareness. The person under hypnosis retains total control and awareness of his/her surroundings, so do not expect to go to sleep or lose touch with reality.  You are always in control and accept only those suggestions that are beneficial to you.  You do remember what you have said and done while in Hypnosis. You will be aware of everything that is going on around you.

Hypnosis could be called guided “self hypnosis” because the power of control resides within the individual under hypnosis. In fact, on awakening, people express that they heard everything that was going on.





Hypno-counseling uses hypnosis for the purpose of self improvement which allows you to clearly identify and solve your problems by tapping into your own inner wisdom.  The role of the Hypno-counselor is to guide or lead you into hypnosis, facilitating your ability to use your imagination and to respond to simple, positive suggestions along with revealing the options you have for making choices that are right for your present life.




A Hypno-counselor is not a psychological counselor or a psychologist. Cognitive counseling deals with issues at the cognitive level, and many problems require just that.  Hypno-counseling can work in conjunction with Therapists and Physicians for the well being of the client.  Hypno-counseling is extremely effective in changing bad habits and reducing stress. There is nothing faster than the use of hypnosis to facilitate these desired changes!





Hypnosis is relaxation and concentration; people feel physically relaxed and mentally alert. Your concentration level increases to almost 95%

  1.  You’ll be aware of everything that goes on around you like background music, or the voice of the Hypno-counselor.
  2.  You may feel mellow with no interest in arguing and no energy to move.  Your breathing rate slows down and your eyes will close.
  3.   Most people feel very happy and alert with their minds fresh after being hypnotized.





Some hypnotic suggestions stay with individuals indefinitely while others need reinforcement.  The effects of Hypnosis are cumulative: the more the techniques are practiced and post–hypnotic suggestions are brought into play, the more permanent the results become. In your first Hypno-counseling appointment you will be taught a self-relaxation technique for you to use at home to reinforce your desired results.





Hypnosis is a situation of consent by the client in that they allow themselves to be hypnotized.  The actual process takes about 10% effort from the Hypnotist and 90% effort by the client. Therefore, a Hypnotist cannot force you to do anything that is against your will.





First time clients will watch for the hypnosis to occur. That is, you wait for the hypnosis to happen by some change in awareness that will say “I am now Hypnotized”.  It is almost like trying to catch yourself falling asleep. This could delay your entry into the state of hypnosis you desire.

·         Simply relax and go with the flow!

·         After a few times being hypnotized you will be aware of when you are hypnotized.

·    Enjoy the experience; it is like going on a very restful vacation!

I look forward to working with you!

Robert W. Brienza